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What occurs within the physique after we fall in love?

Love is without doubt one of the most great experiences we are able to have. Love is one thing that may change the best way we really feel and see the world, making us really feel very glad and happy.

Nonetheless, love is not only a state, however one thing that has a physiological side. In a approach, previous thinkers who considered love as an sickness weren’t fully improper – love adjustments issues in our physique. So, what occurs in our our bodies after we fall in love?

What happens in the body when we fall in love

Love is related to a launch of a number of neurochemicals – substances that have an effect on the mind and the physique.

Totally different chemical compounds are launched at completely different instances within the relationship. In a approach, being in love engages the identical mechanisms as being hooked on a drug.


Love releases oxytocin, the hormone related to bonding and relationships.

Oxytocin can cut back emotions of tension and inhibition, making love-struck people really feel extra relaxed and extra keen to take possibilities. If you find yourself in a relationship with somebody, you would possibly really feel this impact extra strongly like love habit.


Love could make us extra anxious too, particularly earlier than a date or an enormous occasion, early within the relationship.

Your coronary heart charge will rise, you’ll really feel your palms sweat, and butterflies flutter in your abdomen. That is related to a launch of chemical compounds referred to as adrenaline and norepinephirne that pump you up earlier than a significant state of affairs, earlier than a problem.

Along with this, you would possibly expertise uneasiness or lack of urge for food when seeing somebody new attributable to cortisol – the stress hormone. It could make individuals really feel burdened and nervous at first.


The primary levels of a relationship are related to dopamine – the reward chemical. We really feel rewarded and even euphoric by being with the individual we’re in love with. This stage is extra related to crushes or romantic, “pet” love.

Additionally it is the stage the place we’d see the individual by way of rose-tinted glasses. Nonetheless, as we settle right into a relationship, oxytocin takes central stage.

Whereas because of this the connection would possibly lose a few of that early euphoria, it turns into extra steady and stuffed with a extra mature, tender sense of affection.

Oxytocin is related to different long-term bonds, like household relations and friendships, in addition to romantic relationships. Oxytocin has been referred to as the love hormone.

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